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The appeal

The appeal



Global Mercury Scandal Action Group wants to motivate the Norwegian government to salvage the submarine. However, the government wants the quickest and cheapest solution, which is to cover the wreck and seabed with sand, without removing any Mercury.

The initiative for an international appeal against covering submarine U-864 took place in Bergen July 2. 2017. The initiative group for salvaging U-864 in Fedje and Bergen worked together with Green Warriors and to develop the appeal. The joint action page is

Supporters can download and distribute the appeal to environmental networks, companies, the press, and politicians around the world to put pressure on the Norwegian Government not to cover the shipwreck, as it poses an environmental threat. For signing, send an email to



At a meeting with the locals on the island of Fedje on June 27, 2018, the Secretary for Transport, Ketil Solvik-Olsen, who represented the government, advocated that covering the wreck is the most secure protection for the environment. At the same time, he said, "we can never be 100% sure the mercury will remain stable under the sand cover." 

Global Mercury Scandal Actiopn Group want to invite other environmental organizations in Norway and abroad to stop the cover alternative, salvage the wreck, and get all the mercury out of the seabed before restoring it. 


The cover up operation is an easy escape from responsibility for the Norwegian government. The short-term goal now is to get international attention on the case, stop the cover alternative, and reach a successful recovery for the marine environment outside the island of Fedje that will make a positive impact on the health and environment in the North Sea.

Help us distribute the appeal to your local contacts in environmental organizations, companies, and the press. The more signatures we collect, the bigger the impact.

Join the movement!

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