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THE U-864

The German submarine U-864 was torpedoed by the British submarine HMS Venturer, outside Fedje, Norway in 1945.

The cargo?
67.000 kilos of mercury. 

The U-864  was hit in a submerged position, the  the middle part was destroyed and two large wrecks lay a distance apart on the seabed in Norway. L
et's not forget to mention the bottles containing
67.000 kilos of metallic mercury


U-864 had 1845 bottles of mercury on board where it has been estimated that 400 of these fell out during the attack; some of the bottles spilled out in the nature and some have yet to be found. 

The submarine was located and found in 2003 after great efforts from private individuals in Norway. In 2003 the Norwegian Government and the Norwegian Coastal Administration claimed that there were no mercury on board U-864. 



The 21st of February 2003 Norway and Switzerland was the driving force for the Minamata Convention on Mercury: a legally binding instrument on mercury.

Imagine the scandal if Norway had 67.000 kilos of mercury on the seabed!

"There is no information in the wreck database that the U-864 had mercury on board" claimed the Norwegian Government and Norwegian Costal Administration to the Norwegian people the 23rd of October, 2003.


The Norwegian Government have also presented this as a local "Fedje issue", but in the Minamata convention they signed that the Norwegian State recognized that:

"mercury is a global concern owing to its long-range in ecosystems and atmospheric transport, its persistence in the environment once anthropologically introduced, its ability to bio accumulate in ecosystems and its negative effects on human healt and the environment"



The Norwegian Government is trying to cover up the biggest scandal this century...and the German submarine U-864.

A cover up of 67.000 kilos of mercury is the largest environmental criminal act in modern times and we need to ensure that future generations will not suffer from these criminal acts.

We created this website so that we could reach out to people who will be effected by these actions: everyone!

There needs to be a global pressure towards the Norwegian Government so that we can stop them from harming our world, our planet, our nature, our food, our lives, our health, our families and our offsprings.



The Norwegian Government will be remembered as the most reckless government in history with regards to protecting the marine environment if U-864 (and the seabed around the wreck) is covered in sand without separating the mercury from the wreck and the mud. 

The Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg has promised that Norway will be an internationally leading country on work against marine pollution, but is the plastic bag more important than 67.000 kilos of mercury? This is hypocrisy.


Covering mercury under sand will be an international environmental crime, and this must be stopped.  Norway have the funds to salvage the wreck and get the mercury out of the marine environment. This will ensure the health of people living around the North Sea, the fisheries and the fish farms.


Salvage is a cheap investment for the future...whereas a cover up of the problem will develop into an environmental catastrophe in the years to come.

Dear Norway:
The Norwegian people are tired of alternative truths, manipulated statistics, reports and manipulative politicians. Please, listen to your people and salvage the U-864 and get the mercury out of the global environment!

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